Overview of SHARP’s CSR activities:
Our CSR activities focus on three key sectors – Healthcare, Sanitation, and Education.

At Sharp, one of the focus areas is on better learning outcomes, in which Sharp supports organizations that provided additional learning tools to students (e.g. e-learning and supplementary educational aids) and holistic development of students. The objective is to ensure that students continue with their education and excel in their studies. We sponsor education for underprivileged deserving girl children.

We also conduct healthcare awareness and preventive programs for various communicable and non-communicable diseases. We are actively involved in public and community health initiatives for the underprivileged sections of society, addressing malnutrition among women & children.

We support organizations having domain expertise in the field of providing comprehensive sanitation programs in schools, urban slums, and rural areas, involving behavioral change & awareness towards hygiene and sanitation habits.

Apart from the above initiatives, our employees and we contribute towards natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, etc.