Starting with an idea in 1996 we have come a long way and here is a short list of our achievements along the way…

View points on our way
August 1996 Seed to create SSDI
August 1998 Complete proposal for SSDI submitted to SC, Japan
March 1999 Started development via India IT companies
August 1999 Established SSDI
May 2000 Product engineering for Document systems
March 2003 Project management and Quality processes set
July 2006 Specification and Software architecture capability
November 2008 India – Japan bridge function established, CMMI L3
April 2009 R&D activities for business, consumer and new business areas
April 2010 ICT solutions activity started
October 2010 New direction as corporate development centre
April 2011 Product engineering for Display systems
August 2012 System design services including hardware and design
April 2014 System software, Firmware, Web, Cloud and Mobile app development services ongoing
April 2017 New directions for Innovation and Corporate Alliance; Product engineering for Scan Firmware
October 2017 Product engineering for Smart Office
June 2018 Achieved CMMI Level 5
January 2019 Predictive device maintenance capability