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As a member of Sharp Corporation’s global R&D network, We strive to enhance our end customer experience, value and productivity by using our products. At SSDI, we focus on cutting-edge software and related technologies and offer world-class software development capability to our product development teams. Technology landscape is bound to evolve constantly. We diligently adapt to such technology evolution as needed by our product planning partners globally and corporate strategy. Our software R&D activities span across Embedded software, Cloud and Mobile applications, Desktop and Web applications. In addition, we practice focused technology and market research for systems and solutions in areas of interest to our customers.

With a blend of passion for technology, market know-how, and a productive development process our team practices continuous improvements in all the tasks they undertake with utmost importance to quality and schedule. Our teams are engaged in different stages of development starting from concept generation to specification to design and construction. Testing and verification form an integral part of all of our deliverables.

We practice a culture of openness, an inspiring learning environment, and self-motivated teams who are ready to help each other at all times. As part of our global R&D task force, we have created the environment to learn and adapt to multiple cultures quickly. Whether you are a potential collaboration partner, team member, or prospective employee, we are here to delight you!

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Praveen Kanipakam
President, SHARP Software Development India